Badal Pain Oil


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Badal Pain oil is 100% Ayurvedic Preperation without any chemical Ingredients and without any side effects. Badal Pain oil is a combination of tried & tested, age old herbs. Badal Pain oil is manufactured under aseptic condition by automatic machine.

Badal Pain oil improves Blood Circulation of Local Areas, It helps in repair of internal tissue, Muscles, Cartilage & Nerve Damage. Badal pain oil is useful in Pains associated with Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Fatigue, tiredness, Exhaustion Sports Injuries, Sprains, Stiffness, Muscular Pain Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Back Ache, Rheumatism, Arthritis, and Bone Pain.

How to use:- Rub 3-5 ml badal pain oil, gently on the affected part, till the oil get absorbed.

Note:- Do not use it on cracks, Fractures Dislocation and open wounds

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