Badal Special Churan


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Badal Special Churan is a Digestive Churan with a wonderful taste. A healthy digestive churns for whole family and good response in gas, constipation, acidity, indigestion, stomach pain Inslatuance, loss of apetite, nausea etc.

All the (ingredients) herbs used are of “A” class and sorted, dedusted (Foreign matters is manually separated). The dried herbs are pulvesized of at an optimum frequency suitable to retain its natural properties.

We manufactured Badal Special Churan with jawakhar , Mulikhar and Hira hing ,please note hira hing is the highest purify form of hing ( hing has excellent medicinal benefit) and jawakhar , mulikhar reduce the risk of making ‘Pathri’ (Stone)

Note:- 5-6 gm Badal Special churan with hot water at night relives constipation and feel fresh at morning.

AN ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility.

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