Badal Shikanji Masala


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Badal Shikanji masala is used to prepare a lemon drink called shikanji.Badal Shikanji is a health-friendly lemon drink and Badal shikanji masala is used to prepare shikanji at home. This refreshment Drink masala which makes you refreshed and re energized has black salt, triphala, roasted cumin seed powder , sugar and khus khus as main ingredients. ” Badal Shikanji Masala helps to balance the electrolytes in our body which are lost during perspiration in summers. ” It is refreshing lemon drink with spices which act as coolant and also improves your digestive functions.

How to use:-

You just need to add a couple of teaspoons of the Badal Shikanji masala and one tea spoon sugar with cold water/soda and squeeze a lime to get a glass of shikanji. This masala can also be used in Curd Salad, Fruit Chat, Juices, Tomato Soup, Cashewnut, Wafers, Lime water, and Papad etc.

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